Global Supply Chain Controls Towers 

The benefits of global supply chain control towers can be wide ranging including reduced logistics costs and reduced stock-outs.  Our end-to-end solutions facilitate global sourcing at optimal cost, support entry into new markets with minimal risk and help our customers bring new products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

The concept of a Supply Chain Control Towers has been around since before the start of the 90’s.   The traditional concept of the ‘control tower’ as a central information hub that integrates all transport modes across the supply chain, giving clients full visibility, in real time, to make smarter planning decisions.

Today’s competitive business landscape, shifting consumer demand and the rise of digital technologies, from artificial intelligence (AI) to robotics, are re-shaping traditional supply chains.   Supply chains have moved from being merely cost centres to being enablers of competitive advantage, as organizations look to make their supply chains more agile and responsive to consumer demand.

How Clients benefit

The client benefits of global supply chain control tower methodologies can be wide ranging, including:

  • Reduced Logistics Costs
  • Reduced inventory carrying cost
  • Reduced stock-outs
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Faster time to market

In recent years, clients have taken advantage of global sourcing opportunities to compete efficiently while at the same time building a manufacturing footprint closer to their consumer markets.   This fragmented landscape increases supply chain complexity, meaning collaboration with suppliers, carriers and partners becomes imperative for supply chain effectiveness.   While the advancement of digital technology enables the real-time management of the supply chain, control towers also require a lot of manual processes and specialist teams to coordinate across global suppliers, manufacturing facilities, consolidation centres, transport carriers, deconsolidation centres and end-customers.

How we work

TradeLink is helping its clients to improve efficiency and reduce end-to-end supply chain costs by deploying Control Tower Solutions.  Our end-to-end solutions facilitate global sourcing at optimal cost, support entry into new markets with minimal risk and help our customers bring new products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Service features include:

  • We act as your single point of contact for shippers, carriers, transport partners, customer authorities and consignees
  • We take responsibility for monitoring and coordinating all upstream activities, including supplier purchase order follow up, shipment consolidation, creating of packing lists and transport planning.
  • We coordinate multimodal modes of transport to optimise our client’s criteria of time, cost and service. Our strong carrier relationships coupled with our global network of hubs and supply chain expertise, ensures client cargo arrives on time.
  • We manage all downstream activities including storage, handling, value-added services and distribution to end-customer.
  • We measure carrier performance, provide key account KPI reporting and operate to a continuous improvement regime.

What makes us different?

At TradeLink we understand that our customers have unique deadlines and time sensitive shipping requirements.  Through our global network and local specialist teams, we collaborate with our clients in the design, planning and execution of Supply Chain Control Tower solutions that are responsive to their unique requirements.   Strong, collaborative partnerships offer significant opportunities, such as collaborative design (with upstream partners) and collaborative demand planning (with the downstream partners).  We deliver:

Comprehensive client support

  • 24/7/365 real-time monitoring and support
  • Single-point of contact
  • Highly skilled specialists ensure the seamless flow of goods between origin and destination.

Cost effective Solutions

  • Multimodal carrier agreements ensure optimum supply chain flexibility, performance and price competitiveness
  • Added-value logistics and market leading capabilities

Customer Confidence

  • Delivery lead times met and KPI performance reporting
  • High-customer retention rates and long-lasting relationships
  • Continuous investment in our people’s training, training and personal growth in achieving high performance level

TradeLink delivers a comprehensive range of industry-specific supply chain solutions that meet customer challenges head-on.

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