Covid-19: Trade Link team adapt to a new way of working.

May 29th 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

In these unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic we find ourselves operating in new a normal.  Remote working has never been more essential to ensuring business continuity and support for our customers and partners.  This is a fundamental shift for our teams, our customers, and partners, both domestic and international.  Our teams are familiar with the concept of working from home, maybe a day or two a month to help with work-life balance and facilitate productivity.  The Covid-19 crisis has upended even the most flexible working models and we see remote working emerging as the new normal well beyond the crisis.

Indeed, recent independent research of 500 professionals in Canada, conducted by Robert Half, to explore their current work situation and concerns for the future at work, found that:

  • 55% of office professionals who transitioned to a remote setup say they have better work-life balance.
  • 74% of workers would like to telecommute more often when physical distancing restrictions lift.
  • 72% of employees say they will rethink shaking hands with business contacts.

At Trade Link, we recognise that every business is facing the same challenges.  In this new normal, organisations and managers will need to adopt to new ways of working, new ways of interacting with customers and new ways to engage our people as they adjust to a new normal.

As the international response continues to develop, we know that our customers are facing potentially significant disruption to which they need to respond rapidly.  Trade Link continue to evolve with the crisis, rethinking our ways of working in light of considerable operational and economic challenges.

Only time will tell what impact the pandemic will have on businesses, trade, and industry.  Right now, critical to the success of every business are its people.  At Trade Link, we are taking all necessary steps to support our teams to deliver their work remotely, to thrive in these challenging times and ultimately to keep your supply chains moving.  We are seeing both the likelihood and impact of technology increasing as organisations become more technology dependent than ever.

We recognise that our ways of working will need to evolve and adapt to a new normal and we are readying our organisation, our teams, and our operating environment accordingly.

As a result of Covid-19 we have taken the following strategic actions:.

  1. Build virtual capabilities across our organisation
  • Providing IT equipment, cloud technology and cyber security controls to enable our people to deliver their work remotely.
  • Providing 24/7 IT supports & tools to our international teams.
  • Accelerating digital transformation with targeted investment in digital platforms and tools that enhance our ability to manage transport capacity and deliver customer value.
  1. Build trust and empowerment among our teams
    • Setting clear expectations while having faith and trust in our people that they will get the job done.
    • Leveraging our competitive advantage and flat organisational structure to support agile decision making, increased innovation and high-performance service outcomes.
    • Encouraging a ‘leadership mindset’ with open communication to challenge conventional wisdom, ways of working and drive better decisions.
  1. Stay connected with our people with space for ‘virtual water-cooler’ moments
    • Staying connected and in constant communication using videoconferencing tools with our domestic and internationals teams.
    • Ensuring our standards for remote working balance individual well-being and with work commitments and targets, establishing boundaries to avoid work-home blending etc.
    • Taking time out to have a check-in virtual visual meeting every week to assess how remote working is going for our team. Finding out what’s going well and what needs to be tweaked.   We recognise one of the key challenges of working from home is the adjustment to working alone, rather than within a group or office environment. Now more than ever we recognise the need to make space in our working day for the social aspect and encourage ‘virtual water cooler’ time for our teams to touch base and let off steam.
  1. Taking time to reflect and innovate
    • Using this period to reflect and re-evaluate priorities, practices, and operational changes as we transition out of lockdown — from more innovative office layouts to more flexible work options.
    • Allowing time in our meetings to discuss ideas and opportunities as we get closer to our customers needs, learn and evolve.
    • Creating all important space to mark milestones such as birthdays or work anniversaries and customer success stories via a virtual team celebration.

We find ourselves operating in new and unprecedented times and where we are driven to reimagine how we work, interact with customers, and deliver our services.  Trade Link will continue to evolve and step up our efforts to build critical technical and organisational capability to make it possible for our customers to continue operations and meet their unique challenges.

Ultimately our primary focus is to support our customers, protect our people and ensure continuity of service across our regions.

If you have questions on any of the topic raised, please reach out to your Trade Link contact, or send an e-mail to:

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support,

Anne Waldes
President & CEO Trade Link International

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